Earn BERM when you use Berminal Real-Time Cryptocurrency News. Desktop Application Image (above).

Cryptocurrency applications offer ways to analyze and understand cryptocurrency protocols that stretch across an array of business archetypes. The push for consistent growth in crypto-economics highlights why acknowledging the digital divide is critical to understanding the long-term challenges facing the cryptocurrency application ecosystem.

One important take away is that great product development can encourage user participation in cryptocurrency and play a critical role in resolving the expansion of the digital divide. Cryptocurrency analytic tools offer a unique advantage to business accuracy that can make investment decisions easier. As a designer first, I view user experience (UX) design through the lens of streamlining sophisticated thought processes through a prism of constant discovery. So I keep an eye out for well executed (UX) design.

Berminal Mobile Application Screenshot.

Hip-hop rebranded urban cities like crypto is rebranding money. The cultural branding of cryptocurrency is in its early stages. This new age of branding will come with a new emerging design culture. I bought Bitcoin in 2014. Since then I have used a long list of mobile and desktop applications. Out of the 40 or so application I have downloaded and deleted most have been completely unfavorable. At best they resembled a repackaged Wall Street stock market experience. Yet one mobile App and desktop application, Berminal has emerged as a clear cryptocurrency application competitor.

Berminal is a real-time cryptocurrency news alert application. The Berminal team got a lot of great things right. The UX experience shines through with clear data visualization for getting the top cryptocurrency performers and building your own personalized in-App portfolio. The design is well thought out and navigational features on the Mobile application make the application user-friendly. Inattention the UX is to be admired in a space where a high-quality UX experience is rare.

Berminal UX design is just one of the many things the Berminal team got right. The gamification of the news feed is a nice touch. It gives me the opportunity to discover cryptocurrency news information curated in a feed that is the highlight of my experience with the application so far. This curated feed on cryptocurrency regulation consistently includes information that I may have otherwise missed in my normal reddit and Twitter news feeds. (Allowing you to vote up or down on featured article).

The curated feed dedicated to cryptocurrency regulation is a great tool for keeping an eye on particulars in the cryptocurrency regulatory landscape. The IU/UX experience on the mobile app and desktop both achieve a coherent feel yet maximize the utility of both the mobile and desktop experience. The App offers the important details on each cryptocurrency such as protocol date launched, the capital amount raised, circulating supply, total supply, mineability, website link, and all the cryptocurrency social media links.

Like any fledgling startup, Berminal has room to grow and evolve. I got a friend working in the UX space to try out Berminal Andriod mobile application. His main critics were the hierarchy of the typography headlines, link placements for the articles and the use of white space in the default mode setting. The night mode offers a slightly better user experience. My iOS application offered a different experience than the Android application when searching for cryptocurrency to add to the in-App portfolio. But overall Berminal has forged a great product that can only improve as time passes and the overall industry matures.

A few new Berminal features were released on the platform as I was writing this article.

Crypto Psychic; allow BERM Tokens to be earned through BTC price predictions, Take a Quiz; enables registered users to earn BERM by answering quiz questions quiz about current cryptocurrency news, Share to Twitter; gives registered users BERM for sharing Berminal article on Twitter.

This is the first time a cryptocurrency application delivered a joyful experience and representation of the emerging cultural identity and design synergy that encompasses cryptocurrency. Teams like Berminal that can create, manage and build a high-quality experience with product design in such a fast-evolving, innovational space deserves attention.

Download Berminal on itunes and Google Play.

Download the Berminal Whitepaper here.

Peaceful Regards, until next time….

Download Berminal on itunes and Google Play

Author: Muhammad Hameed is a cryptocurrency investor and crypto-economic researcher and practitioner. His research and explores product design, game theory, behavioral economics and emerging research in the design of decentralized ledger technology.




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